Sharing Good Practices in Energy Efficiency

Key to Energy Efficiency are the good practices that relate to activities and programmes that reduce the amounts of energy used by specific end-use devices and systems, without affecting the level of services provided. Improvements in the practices and equipment that reduce on the energy needed to provide services like lighting, cooling, heating, manufacturing, cooking, and transport that result in doing more with less energy, and therefore saving money and energy to enable HEIs concentrate on their core mandate of teaching and research within the East African Region has been promoted by the SUCCEED Network programme.  

The SUCCEED Network partners have published their second first collection of Good Practices in Sustainable University Campuses. 14 good practices regarding energy efficiency and sustainability have been collected from 5 East African universities. 

The report is available to be downloaded on our Resources page

Any Higher Education Institutions that are interested in sharing their own Good Practices in Sustainable University Campuses to be published in the upcoming reports are more than welcome to do so by sending us an e-mail in order to receive the good practices template and instructions.