AMPION venture bus journeys into Africa


Thursday, November 13, 2014 to Saturday, November 22, 2014

After a successful adventure in 2013 through Zimbabwe and South Africa –which resulted in three start-ups launching operations: (a learning system via SMS), Workforce (a platform bringing together job seekers and potential employers) and Bribed (an app to tackle corruption) – the AMPION venture bus returns to Africa in 2014, this time with 4 new routes crossing through 16 countries: 

  • West Africa: Lagos to Abidjan 27 Oct – 01 Nov. 2014
  • Southern Africa: Harare to Cape Town 07 Nov. – 13 Nov. 2014
  • East Africa: Dar Es Salaam to Kigali 14 Nov. – 20 Nov. 2014
  • North Africa: Rabat to Tunis 18 Nov. – 22 Nov. 2014 

During the journey, the participants – known as Ampioneers – will work together to conceive and launch start-ups and contribute to creating a community of entrepreneurial talent in Africa. The buses stop in different cities every day, allowing the Ampioneers to interact with local entrepreneurs and innovators. An event will be held in each country and there will be a partnership with a leading entrepreneurship conference in each region when the bus reaches its final destination.

Says Fabian Guhl, Managing Director of the Berlin based non-profit: “Our goal is to reach even more entrepreneurial talent across the continent and empower young people determined to pursue world-changing ideas, using the power of digital”.

160 participants are expected, including IT specialists, web designers, creative entrepreneurs, and mentors. Half from Africa, half from the rest of the world. Women are highly encouraged to apply as it is hoped they will make up 50% of the participants. The best start-ups from the buses will be flown to Abidjan for a major entrepreneurial conference in November.

Says Tayo Akinyemi, Afrilabs’ director: “AMPION Africa provides not only the opportunity for driven entrepreneurs to connect with each other and kick off new ideas. It also brings together the different players in the African and international entrepreneurship scene on a broader level.

More information (and instructions to apply for a spot on the bus) at the AMPION website.
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