The Project aims to improve the framework conditions for Access to energy services and energy efficiency through the following activities:

Institutional Building Activities

that will articulate the Management Approach within the partner organization with regards to campus sustainability, specifically on aspects related to energy access and efficiency.
Main Target Groups: Top Level Staff
Main output: To increase awareness, capacity building and improve the institutional frameworks with regards campus sustainability.

Academic Building Activities

that will facilitate the capacity of the academic staff to modernise their educational programs and increase the course offer in renewable energy.
Main Target Groups: Lecturers and students.
Main output: To increase academic cooperation between the East African Partner Universities via an online platform on EE and RE.

Cooperation Building Activities

that will promote cooperation activities with relevant local and national stakeholders, both public and private, in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. This will be done through Local and National Roundtables and International Conferences.
Main Target group: Local and national stakeholders dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy
Main output: Strengthened cooperation activities in the field of energy between HIEs and relevant public and private stakeholders.

Networking and Sustainability Activities

that will support strategic alliances between East African HEIs and guarantee the sustainability of the activities initiated by the project.
Main target group: East African Higher Education Institutions
Main output: To create a regional network of Higher Education Institutions on this relevant topic